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Our Process


You have a vision of what the dining décor of your property should be, and we have the know-how to design and manufacture that look, to both your unique specifications and your high expectations. We travel directly to your luxury property or vessel. Here we will meet with your designated staff and team members to get a first-hand understanding of your current table linen needs, and to better understand your vision.

Initial Meeting
Luxury Dining Decor Frabric Selection


A designer from our team of experts will walk your property alongside your team and take note of your specific table linen wants and needs. Our designer will offer a selection of designs and colors that best complement your décor, giving you and your team a visual depiction of what we’ve heard from you.


We will craft an all-inclusive quote that is specific to each property or vessel that you would like to outfit. We will return to your location and present the final version of what we collaborated on during the design process.

Collaboration and Partnership
Loading the Washing Machine

Included in every procurement and service contract is a tailored product care program. To help you protect and maintain your linen investment we have partnered with EcoLab, a worldwide comprehensive on-premise laundry consultant.

EcoLab can help you determine the proper laundry care for your Five Star Table Linens at each of your facilities. They can program your machines with the recommended chemicals needed to maintain your new linen's feel and color for many years to come.


Our Founder


Meet Linda Nelson

Founder and Executive Designer

Linda has been in the luxury tablecloth industry for 24 years. She grew up in New York, studied Fashion Design, and loves working with textures, colors, and designs to complement a room. She works hard with her team to bring your vision to life based on your unique specifications and high expectations for your dining décor. 


"She is most passionate about helping the hospitality industry to bring forward the awareness to F&B and Designers that you do have more fashionable choices for table linens that are easily cleanable and can be made to your design specifications while providing the construction integrity to hold up for years to come. Just like the pillows, drapes, booths, flooring, lighting, and tableware, Five Star recognizes the importance table linens are to compliment the dining experience”.

In Linda’s spare time she is an avid cyclist, loves to ski, kayak, and hike the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

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