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We are dedicated to meeting your needs so you no longer have to

conform to the limitations of today's table linen market.


We are committed to giving you the luxury and service your brand deserves! 

Our on-site designers will provide multiple choices of textures, designs, and colors. Or we will custom create exclusive design patterns and colors for your brand.

We are committed to excellence and you can count on it!

From our special blended yarn, and weave, to our finished table linens, you can count on receiving supreme quality to last for years to come.

We are committed to giving you a great return on your investment! 

The longevity of our fabric outlives the

standard linen in today’s market. Instead of reordering every year, our linens have a history of lasting several years with proper commercial care.

Why are we different: Because you are different! Your needs are different even among your own fleets, due to weather and exposure to the elements, clientele, décor, design, and laundering. You deserve to be heard and understood. We don’t want to sell you, we want to supply you with what "you" need.

Our design team is highly trained and skilled to listen to your needs. We create the perfect customized products for your luxurious table linens, including texture, weave, color, design, and custom sizes exclusive to your brand. We are your on-site design team for your table linens.

Why is this affordable for such customization: Because our products have amazing longevity and will last for many years based on wear alone. How is that possible? The "construction" of our luxurious table linen, simply put.

What is different about our construction: Our yarn’s special blend and construction weave makes for an extraordinary life line in daily commercial wash. Our product has proof of concept for over 20 years. Undeniably the best luxurious table linens and napkins in today’s market.

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